“We have the best Realtor ever!  She is a professional full time person in the industry… not just a part-timer.  I have learned that Dawn Goodridge is highly educated within her field and has many awards to her name.  She attends most of the home inspections on the properties she is dealing with, so she has exceptional knowledge that most agents don’t have.  Her previous background in accounting helps with the numbers and tax side of things which gave us a big hand up.  We wanted to purchase a particularly tricky property and she helped us get it at a reduced rate!  She negotiated for us and got much more than we expected in the deal. Her work was exceptional. Dawn is the complete package and if you want to buy or sell I would highly recommend you talk with her.  You will see immediately how knowledgeable she is and how she can really help you get the deal you need.  The best thing is with all her knowledge she is still a very kind and humble person to deal with.  Dawn thanks for the exceptional service.  We hope to purchase another property one day and will only deal with you Thanks again from the Farrells!”

Pat & Bert Farrell

“Unfortunately, we had to do the whole first-time-realtor thing backward. After our mother passed, my brother and I needed to sell her property. Neither of us knew anything about the process nor what to expect. The team were never ending in their knowledge and answered every question I had, and trust me, there were many. The personal touch they put on every interaction showed us great compassion in such a devastating time. Beyond the emotional support, our mothers house sold after 2 days on market. The behind the scenes tasks really set everything in motion and we could not be more impressed. The photos, webpage, and walkthrough video were of superb quality. We were kept up to date on every showing and were given ample notice.  Thank you, Dawn and Sheldon! “

The Heslips

My husband and I have always dreamed of owning a home but, despite our years of hard work, it always felt like it was out of our reach. We did everything right; we got decent jobs, we saved, we didn’t live extravagantly, and even then, the market was impenetrable. Through some random happenstance, I met Sheldon and the two of us hit it off. He offhandedly mentioned what he did at one point, and things evolved from there as I told him of our fear of never being able to have a house to call our own. He saw what we were up against, two late 20 and early 30 somethings in this era of real estate insanity, and we saw what he could do. We trusted him to help us, and my goodness, was our trust well placed. Sheldon and Dawn were an absolute delight to work with. We drove out to the country and across town, and witnessed some real horror shows, but we persisted. He was like a living database, glancing over something and being able to tell its age, its material, and whether or not we should immediately run and not look back. He kept us safe from poor investments, and sane with a great sense of humour. His recommendations for financial management, legal help, and inspectors were all spot on. It was a journey, but it was one with a very happy ending as we have finally found our perfect house. She needs some work, but for us, she is just what we need. She is OURS to work on, and we could not have done it without the help of the Goodridge crew. It really feels like a Cinderella moment made real; these sorts of things don’t happen outside of the pages of a fairy tale. But it did happen, and our fairy god mother just happened to be a realtor wizard in a suit. I wouldn’t have it any other way. If you, too, are stuck chasing your home dreams, I cannot recommend Sheldon enough. Be patient, listen to him, and don’t give up hope. You won’t regret it.

Kelsey and Kyle

“I just wanted to send you a quick note now that things have settled to express my gratitude at the amazing work you and your whole team did in assisting me sell my home. I couldn’t have asked for anything more from your stager, your handyman , your photographers, and even the lawyer you suggested. You, and Sheldon, we’re always readily available for any question or concern that I had, and your responses were always prompt in return. Although there is always an element of stress when selling, you made the process very smooth. And of course I need to mention how you went above an beyond with assisting the buyers when their agent wasn’t available.  Thank you again for everything, I can not wait to have you help me find my forever home in the near future. And of course I will be recommending you and your team to anyone that asks.”

Karen and Ian

“From start to finish, Dawn took control of our challenging real estate transaction. Over the years, I have referred her to several of my clients and I’ve always received great feedback. It was great to finally experience her professionalism first hand.”

Cory Garlock

Over the course of 2 years, through the pandemic, we viewed well over 20 maybe 30 properties and put in offers on too many to remember!  Dawn was always ready to arrange viewing at a moment’s notice.  She would come prepared with as much information past and present on the potential properties, which helped to make educated decisions quickly in that crazy market.  If she was unavailable, her partner Sheldon would step right in and provide the same. It doesn’t matter the price range her clients are searching.  To her, all clients receive the same amazing service whether they are searching for a $200,000 or $2,000,000 property.  All clients are treated with the utmost respect and given all the support and guidance her 20 plus years in real estate can provide!  I was finally able to purchase my rental property and it was very trying, so many misrepresented details provided buy the seller but Dawn was there every step of the way supporting and guiding.  She has many rental clients, as such has an abundance of experience with tenants and has and still is advising me, as this is my first rental property.  We closed in April 2022 and I’m still asking questions and getting advice. You could not ask for better customer service!